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Do NOT Touch Me There Journal!

September 2020

Do you want to help your child experience gratefulness, practice mindfulness, and boost their self-esteem with heartwarming affirmations? Then this journal is for you!

Featuring vivid, colorful illustrations and inspiring messages, this wonderful journal provides the perfect way of helping your child reflect on their emotions and think about how they really feel. Combining ample writing space with daily questions designed to promote gratitude and self-reflection, now your child can finally have a safe, private place to practice emotional development and cultivate a positive mindset.

Book details:

  • Perfect For All Ages, Especially 6-10

  • Specially Designed To Be a Safe Place For Your Child To Explore Their Feelings

  • Contains Plenty of Space For Girls To Write Down Their Thoughts and Emotions

  • Features Empowering Messages and Confidence-Boosting Affirmations

  • Uses Daily Questions To Promote Gratitude and Mindfulness

Ideal as a gift, this beautiful and inspiring book is sure to become your child’s favorite diary in no time.

Scroll down and buy now to help your child explore their feelings today!


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