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Do NOT Touch Me There

July 3, 2020

Discover a valuable teaching tool to help your kids learn about privacy.

Teaching your children about privacy and their bodies is an essential way of helping keep them safe and aware of what people are and aren’t allowed to do to them. But far too many parents are unsure how to bring this conversation up. Now, this delightful book helps you explain this vital lesson in a way that kids will understand. 

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Sometimes Grandma and Grandpa Forget

November 2020

Why can’t Grandma and Grandpa remember things anymore?

What is wrong with Grandma and Grandpa?

Children understand far more than adults often give them credit for. They are observers. They recognize changes. When the people they love begin behaving differently, often, children are the first to notice.

Written in a children’s story format, Sometimes Grandma and Grandpa Forget, provides the perfect platform for parents to begin a much-needed conversation and help ease children’s worries. Starting from a place of knowledge will empower them to continue to love and assist where possible.

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Do NOT Touch Me There Journal!

September 2020

Are you looking for a journal that provides a safe place for children to write about their deepest thoughts and feelings?

Help your child explore their feelings with this beautifully-crafted journal!

Featuring vivid, colorful illustrations and inspiring messages, this wonderful journal for girls provides the perfect way of helping your child reflect on their emotions and think about how they really feel. Combining ample writing space with daily questions designed to promote gratitude and self-reflection, now your child can finally have a safe, private place to practice emotional development and cultivate a positive mindset.

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My Dad Is a Good Cop

March 2022

Celebrate good cops and foster honest conversations about the police with this cute and simple children’s tale!

Artfully combining a heartfelt story with beautiful illustrations that leap from every page, this thoughtful children’s story is specially written to spark valuable conversations, encouraging parents to start honest discussions and encourage kids to develop a fair and balanced view of the police.

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Disability Collection

March 2022

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April 17, 2022

Raise awareness about disabilities and cultivate kind, empathetic children with these beautiful children’s books.

With touching stories that inspire children and parents alike with an enduring message of kindness and tolerance, these books offer a heartwarming way to raise awareness about disabilities and encourage young children to accept people different from them.​

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Boys Journal
Girls Journal
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