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Sometimes You Win...Sometimes you LEARN

☔Welp... my kickstarter campaign goal was all or nothing.

😭 THE BAD: I did not reach my goal; therefore you will not be charged any money and no orders will be sent.

😅 THE GOOD: I will make publishing happen regardless. When I saw that it was a possibility that my goal would not be reached, I started working on plan B. The paperback was published today. You can find it on Amazon or my website. I am still working on the hardback and ebook. They will be available soon; I will keep you updated.

💜 I appreciate everyone who backed me or sent me donations via cashapp. I also appreciate everyone who wanted to donate but was unable. The amount of love and support shown was incredible. People who I havent seen or talked to in years supported me with words and/or donations. You are all truly appreciated. 🥰

📚 Please continue to support me by ordering a copy from Amazon or an autographed copy from my website.

💲 Cash app donations will be refunded today. Kickstarter backers will never be charged.


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