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**AUTOGRAPHED COPY** Sometimes Grandma and Grandpa Forget

**AUTOGRAPHED COPY** Sometimes Grandma and Grandpa Forget

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Why can’t Grandma and Grandpa remember things anymore?


What is wrong with Grandma and Grandpa?


Children understand far more than adults often give them credit for. They are observers. They recognize changes. When the people they love begin behaving differently, often, children are the first to notice.


That’s when adults should step in and answer their questions, listen to their concerns, provide guidelines, and help them brainstorm ways to help those suffering from dementia or its most common cause—Alzheimer’s.


Written in a children’s story format, SOMETIMES GRANDMA AND GRANDPA FORGET provides the perfect platform for parents to begin a much-needed conversation and help ease children’s worries. Starting from a place of knowledge will empower them to continue to love, assist where possible, and understand that dementia is a disease that affects people; it shouldn’t define them.

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